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Overview: Our CG-CAHPS Service

At US Health Care Research we have over 20 years of experience conducting patient experience and satisfaction surveys for healthcare agencies throughout the United States, providing meaningful insights and actionable strategies.

As your CG-CAHPS provider, US Health Care Research Corporation will provide:

  • CG-CAHPS Survey – A survey instrument will be customized with the name of the clinician or medical group. The clinician or medical group will have the opportunity to include supplemental and/or custom questions.
  • CG-CAHPS Comparison Dashboard Reports – The Comparison Dashboard Report compares the global and dimension results other clinicians and medical groups that have submitted data for the Physician Compare.
  • CG-CAHPS Dashboard Reports – The Dashboard Report provides a snapshot view for users to quickly and easily to identify whether or not the clinician or medical group is on track to meet their improvement objectives and goals.
  • CG-CAHPS Quality Reports – The Quality Reports are in-depth reports that look at trends in patient satisfaction and identify the factors responsible for overall satisfaction, identifying the areas and opportunities for improvement.
  • Comment Reports – The Comment Report categorizes comments from patients to identify patients that require immediate follow-up, positive or negative comments about the clinician or medical group, and positive or negative comments about specific staff members.
  • Online Client Performance Information Portal – This is our online reporting system that allows your members to access their reports at any time with an Internet connection. The online reporting system provides comprehensive, user friendly reports that can be printed and downloaded.
  • Performance Consultation – US Health Research’s staff is available to discuss CG-CAHPS Survey results and improvement strategies.
  • HIPAA Compliance and Confidentiality – US Health Research adheres to the protocols established by CMS to ensure protection of all personal identifiable and health identifiable information.
  • Transition, Training, and Support – US Health Research will work with your organization to create a transition plan that takes into consideration all in-scope and out-of-scope items to ensure an easy and hassle free transition to US Health Research. US Health Research will conduct an introduction training session with each organization to inform users how to transfer data to US Health Research and how to access and interpret their reports.

Contact us to learn more or to talk to one of our experts.


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