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US Health Care Research Corporation is a CMS approved vendor to administer the HHCAHPS Survey and submit survey results to the Data Warehouse.

At US Health Care Research we have over 20 years of experience conducting patient experience and satisfaction surveys for healthcare agencies throughout the United States, providing meaningful insights and actionable strategies to improve HHCAHPS scores.

A copy of the HHCAHPS Survey can be downloaded from HERE.


Implementation of a Quality Assessment and Performance Improvement (QAPI) program should be a top priority for hospices. An effective QAPI program is a critical strategic management tool for guiding improvements in your service and care, and overall operations. Plus, good QAPI program will ensure an easier transition to future mandatory reporting of quality data. US Health Care Research’s methodologies and tools provide hospices with actionable data to guide your QAPI program and prepare for public reporting.  Click here to learn more about our easy-to-read reports.


In the face of multiple priorities and limited resources, US Health Care Research acts as a strategic partner with home health care agencies providing benefits that ensure federal compliance and an average cost savings of 10 to 30%.

US Health Care Research will organize the HHCAHPS Survey results in a way that will help your agency to implement a strategy that will allow you to:


US Health Care Research excels in creating easy to follow graphical reports and presentations.

US Health Care Research prides itself in not only presenting information, but in creating and explaining the value of research and creating actionable strategies from the new knowledge and analysis prepared by its staff.

Our monthly dashboard reports will track whether or not your agency is consistently satisfying its patients at an acceptable level and identify the factors responsible for changes in patient satisfaction scores.

Our user friendly reporting portal gives you access to your agency’s reports with a simple click.  Your portal will be designed to help you meet the specific goals and objectives you have established for your agency.

Utilizing the HHCAHPS quality improvement solutions from US Health Care Research you’ll receive: